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Broly VS Vegeta SSJ2 by Conzibar

Ok, now let's get down to business. I want to start off by saying I really like your shading technique. I like how you know where your source of light is and that you can shade in the shadows to give it a more realistic look. But I think you could use some more shadows on Vegeta. It's just he looks so plain, the light source would be the energy in his right hand, so he would still have shadows on the left side of his face.

I like how original this is. You don't see a lot of Broly vs Ssj2 Vegeta on the internet. I also like how you didn't just make Vegeta look like a super saiyan 1 with lightning around him. I could really see the difference in his ssj1 and ssj2 hair.

The lightning looks very nice and I really like the battle damage on Vegeta's armor. It really let's me know that they've been fighting for a while. The floating rocks look very realistic, and the smoke was a nice touch. Although, I've gotta say, Broly's left arm looks strange. Actually I didn't notice it until little while ago, in my opinion it's kind of unnecessary, I really don't get what Broly's trying to do.

Overall, you really know how to draw anatomy, something even I haven't fully got a grasp on yet, then again you are older then me and most likely have more experience. Keep up the good work! UKG out.

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Conzibar Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the critic! Well I've been drawing just over two years! I'm glad you like the piece! I was trying to make it look like Broly is grabbing trying to grab Vegeta but it must not have come out so great/:
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